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My hands are my favorite part of my body. They are the tools I use to create the world around me. They are to touch the ones we love, and to feel the essence of the world.

I wanted to create a ring that encapsulates the essence of love.... in its youthful state. Whatever you touch, it brightens.

Different from “young love” - a love that stays excited with age and grace.

Citrine represents happiness, hope, spontaneity…..

When I see the spark of bright yellow frequency shining from my fingers it conveys freshness, subtle intensity and excitement.

If you cut out a piece of the sun, you have Citrine.

Citrine is a Power Gemstone, from the family of Quartz it’s existence is focused on joy and prosperity. It an emotional sense - it’s the bearer that strengthens your self esteem.

On my trip in Peru I discovered Peruvian Silver

(950 Silver) the highest grade of silver used in Jewelry. Containing 95% of Pure Silver, more pure than 925(sterling silver)

With these two Pure power elements combined, I wanted to encapsulate the idea of self love at your fingertips.

The true definition of I wear my heart of my sleeve.

A piece that can be the structure and gleam to your collection or a piece powerful enough to sit alone. Enjoy your hands. Touch, feel…be touched. And simply just love.

This piece is one that stays with you as you grow.


Handmade in Los Angeles.


This ring is made in a universal size 7. If you wish to order a custom size and or custom stones please email

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